Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So sad to leave

Today I say my goodbyes to my extended family in the deep south, and head for the UK via Atlanta. I'm all packed, just waiting for Elizabeth to pick me up. We will go to the church offices to say goodbye to JoAnn and Debra who organised the trip for me, and pick up a copy of the video of the big event.

Then it is to Cheryl's for a final lunch with as many of the family who are not at work, see Zoe who has become a new friend, and then to the airport.

Yesterday we went to Seaside, principally to see Trisha's gallery - check out the photos in the album - and to take photos of this resort area where many better off residents of land-locked states have second homes. There were many holiday makers around, riding bikes and trikes.

Later we went to Shirley's house for a roast dinner. There were so many cousins there that we had TWO dining rooms set up. Shirley's house is right on a lake (part of the Bay actually). She has her wedding dress (from 1951) set up on a dressmaker's model in her bedroom, a nice idea - never thought of that!

As you can probably tell from my journal and the photos, I've had an absolutely wonderful time here in Panama City - what a wonderful family. We seemed to have clicked immediately - all except young Isabella who after a week is still sizing me up. But at three, that's her prerogative. At least she knows who I am.

I shall be so sad to leave. I do hope I see them again one day, maybe in the UK, maybe here, and you never know, we may even persuade one or more to take the long journey across the Pacific and show them some of the delights of Sydney.


  1. FROM ZOE MELVIN: And how sad we are to see you go, Margaret! You are such a delight to be around. I do not know how your John will manage to do without you for 5 weeks, but we are so thankful he urged you to come. How very much you enriched our celebration to celebrate Apostle and Shirley's 40th anniversary at The Rock of Panama City. It was heartwarming to watch you discover all your American relatives here. Thank you for posting the pictures. I enjoy your comments, too. The unusual shutters you noted at Seaside are called Key West shutters here. I am not certain why unless they are frequently found in the Florida keys (islands off the southern tip of Florida). I hope your trip to England is absolutely perfect and your 23 hour trip back home is splendid. Blessings to a wonderful lady I was so privileged to get to know." Love, Zoe

  2. We are so sad you are gone! What a fabulous time we had with you, Margaret. I will write more later but please know you will be dearly missed here and we are better now that we know you. You are truly a gift. Again...have to run but wanted to respond. I will be in touch!

  3. From Tricia Moore: Margaret, You are a wonder and forever itched in our hearts! Thank you so much for bringing such joy into our lives, having you here was a pleasure and I am so honored to have had you make the trip to Seaside to visit my gallery. Your pictures are great, thank you for sharing them allowing us to participate with your journey visiting Apostle & Miss Shirley. Thank you for making a dream come true for Shirley, she is so dear to our hearts and it brought tears to my eyes to see her so blessed in the midst of our great celebration! Thank you for being a part.