Monday, July 6, 2009

Linda's birthday party, 4th July

Linda's birthday party, delayed by a month so that her family in Qatar could be there, was a great success. It was lovely meeting many of her long time friends and their partners. The photos are on the web album and there is a link on top right hand side of the weblog.

Linda wasn't eating on the day, just drinking water sadly. She was being careful after her 24 hour illness the day before. However, she looked and felt much better.

That night, Linda and Peter had four visitors. I'd taken over the second bedroom where her son Paul and his wife Mel usually sleep when they stay, so they went off to a friend's party and to a hotel for the night, although I don't know if Mel was feeling up to partying. She'd not long flown over from Qatar and was dealing with two young ones and settling back into a house in Kent.

Additionally, Mel's mother Carol - the children's other grandmother - and George (4) and Alex (nearly six months) were also staying. It was happy family chaos, which suits me just fine. But I kept out of the way changing nappies, since both grandmothers were there!

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