Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Los Angeles and it's still Tuesday

Well, my computer time says 10.23 am Wednesday, but here it is 17.23 Tuesday, and I don't feel quite with it right now. I had about six hours sleep on the 12th floor of the Radisson overlooking the airport and all I'm likely to see of Los Angeles is concrete and palm trees. Tarmacs, car ports and flyovers. Oh well.

But I had a marvellous flight - I was upgraded to Premium Economy - Florida prayers or our second lucky break of the day - who knows? Very roomy, decent blanket, great food and even a linen table cloth. As well as a very nice young pharmacist from Detroit who'd fallen for an Australian from Brisbane, making it a very expensive romance. Got to see her photos and all, so I dragged out my scrapbook which I was still utting together on the way to the airport. (You should have seen John's eyes roll!)

Everything went according to plan, but very much jet lagged right now. Looking forward to crashing for a few more hours. I have a reception party of four meeting me at Panama City at 8.30 am Wednesday. An overnight flight to Atlanta with Delta Airlines, then change planes. I now have four bags - one full of Australian soft toys etc. but all easy to carry.

Thanks for all your comments - I very much look forward to them.

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  1. Margaret, I love reading your blogs. I cannot wait to meet you in the morning! You are well loved and received!

    Elizabeth (Gerlecz) Sturdivant, Shirley's granddaughter and mother of her great granddaughter Isabella